Counselling and Coaching

Given the considerable MMPI-2 normative suppression of normal range elevations on both scales 4-Pd and 9-Ma, a 49 or 94 code at this level is "definitely" a 49/94 pattern. These people are often charming and charismatic, life’s adventurers, to varying degrees narcissistic, and tending to "skate the edge" of troubles. The androgen levels may be high with mesomorphic physiques and extensive sexual activity. In various ways they are quick to "blockade" criticism of themselves.


The Conditional caring label points at the nature of their attachments: caring is based on what people do for each other. When the other person stops doing, the caring begins (sometimes quite quickly) to subside: love is conditional. See the supplement to the sample report for my hypotheses as to how this comes about. They are often seen in counseling sorts of settings when they have ended up in some sort of interpersonal difficulties and conflicts, sometimes being seen out of situational pressure more than out of genuine desires for self-exploration. Their artful proficiency in gaining gratifications, however, is such that they often have little incentive to change. At times they may have to be confronted quite directly.






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